Bye Bye Blackbird eng sub ep 1

My sister and I have attempted the first episode of Bye Bye Blackbird. It's quite a difficult drama for us to sub but we've done our best and we hope you enjoy it. There will be mistakes in it as our Japanese is still far from perfect.
Thanks to the RAW providers and the J subbers for the Japanese subtitles. Thanks to Kyarachan81 for suggesting it.
Here's the sub


So I hit for the tickets that I wanted for the Kame + Yamapi concert and I'm not sure what to do about it. I really want to go but I'm not convinced things will be much improved by then. As things stand at the moment I wouldn't even get into the Japan, let along get into the concert. Do I pay for the tickets and risk not be able to go? Do I just give up on this one and hope to get the opportunity to go another time? I've only got 3 days to decided. Help!!!

new subbing project

As I'm now currently on lock down and won't be going any way for a while, I figured I've got to time to sub a drama. I've not been keeping up to date with whats been subbed as I tend to just watch the RAWS these days so I'm looking for suggestions of recent dramas that haven't been subbed that people would like a sub for. If you have any suggestions please comment :)

Todome parallel ep 10

We had a go at subbing the final episode of Todome parallel for those of you who want to see how it actually ends!
I'm sharing the Raw that we found too. It's the got Chinese hard subs but we've done our best to cover them up so it should still be easy enough to read.
It's pretty hard still for us to sub without Jsubs so expect mistakes and imperfect timings but we have done our best.

Raw file (thanks to pirate files)!Ok8EUKJY!_kIXmCA0cwZSoZMcZ1UrDObsO8vwaQKiNC_Gicx7WbE

Eng Sub!e5EECK6B!BUvkpBXn6FAGLXnCsrxn1bUfHnBVGwi1y4bo-F3a6Cw

Todome no Kiss [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Here is the link for the final episode. We are really sad it's all over. It was such a fun show. Yamazaki Kento was particularly brilliant in this role. Unfortunately the real ending of the story is the last parallel episode which I can't find anywhere :(. If anyone knows where to get it please let me know!

Thanks for all the lovely comments (whether on here or daddicts)

Enjoy :)